Baran Egg-Laying Hen Farm

Baran Egg Farm is a three-generation family company that has been producing eggs for several dozen years and was founded by the grandfather of the then owner – Stanisław Baran. In our work we focus on fulfilling business plans with the highest virtues in mind, such as conscientiousness, reliability and professionalism.

At the beginning of operation, the company was based on the barn housing system with 8 thousand hens. When the next generation took over the company in the 1990s, the housing system was modernised and the operation was expanded to include eggs produced in the battery cage system. Subsequently, we were the first company in Poland to adjust our battery cage system to the restrictive European Union standards.

The driving force that dictates the way we work is delivering fresh eggs always, irrespective of the range of cooperation. The goods delivered to both small shops and large supermarket chains are always of the same, the highest quality.

Our offer focuses mainly on producing eggs for consumption. In order to make it fully comprehensive, to meet the expectations of the most demanding consumer, we have installed bactericidal UV lamps. This allows the restrictive sanitary requirements to be met so that our eggs could be used in restaurants and confectioneries.

We possess all the necessary certifications issued by the National Veterinary Inspectorate. We can also issue documents that guarantee appropriate disinfection of our eggs.

Within the last years, the offer of our company has been expanded to include eggs produced in various systems. Currently, we are able to supply our customers with: battery cage eggs, barn eggs, free-range eggs, organic eggs, Polish green leg partridge eggs and quail eggs. All eggs produced by our company are available in every possible size and weight range.